Ring XP Luna


Size guide


To choose the right ring size for you, please choose one of the following methods:

  1. measure the inside diameter (diameter) of the ring you wear in mm;
  2. measure the length of the ring circle in mm. This can be done by cutting out a strip of paper and wrapping it around your finger to mark the joint of the strips, cut the strip at the joint and measure the length of the sheet in mm.


The ring sizes are given in the table:

Inner diameter of the ring mm


Ring circle length mm


Ring size
16,5 51,9 16,5
17,4 54,4 17 1/4
18,1 57 18
18,6 58,9 18,5



Classic shiny 18K gold color ring. Width: 10 mm.


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Ring size

17 1/4




Environmental copper


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